To help women achieve whatever they set their minds to, and create the life of their dreams.


Ordinary girls, extraordinary things...

Girl on a Mission will inspire you to lead your best life - free of the chain to the daily grind and free to spend your life how you say. Travel, family, freedom - you get to choose!


About The Girl


My name is Erin and I am a Mum of three children under five.

I came across an incredible opportunity after having my second baby. I knew immediately that it could change my life, inspire me every day and help me to change the lives of so many other women. 

When I started, I was running a traditional business with my husband which was taking the fun out of our life and I really wanted to change that. In just 19 months (with our third baby born in the middle of this) I've been able to step away from our family business and no longer miss out on time with the kids. I am able to travel with my family, say yes to more and inspire other women so that they can do the same!

There is no other way that I knew of previously that would have allowed me to create what I have from my own home, whilst allowing me to be around my kids as a busy Mum, and change our future in such a positive and financially rewarding way.

I am passionate about helping other women dream bigger and guide them to establish their own business that will allow them to grow not only personally but to become financially independent, empowered and most of all HAPPY!

If I did it, I'm so positive you can do it too. Get in touch today and we can chat about how.


Join us.



Inspire your family to live a healthy life.

Do mum-care instead of day care.


Dream and design a life you love.

Create more time for your family and friends. 


Create an income stream from home.

Work from anywhere, whenever you chose.


Create the freedom to pick the hours you work. 

Plus much, much more.

Others are doing it already. You can too.

Here what some of our Girls have to say:


Over the past 10 years or so I was searching for my Purpose & Passion… Since becoming a Mum, my priorities changed and the idea of working a 9-5 job, rushing to do child care drop offs and missing out on special moments with my son made me feel stressed and anxious. I thought there must be a better way… I believe that Mum’s should be able to work around their families and lifestyle rather than the other way and I’m so excited about this opportunity.
— Kristel, Personal Trainer and Mum


All I wanted was to spend time with my daughter and have some time for me! My health was being compromised and I was becoming more and more stressed. I knew my life would be in the same place in 5 years if I didn’t change something. Being part of a team of women that are driven and positive pushes me to dream about things I had previously thought weren’t possible. What started with an opportunity to cover the food shopping is on the way to being a lot more!
— Emma, businesswoman and single Mum-of-1


I was a stay at home mum, which I loved, investing all of my time into my children and husband, but I’d really lost my identity in that role. We struggled to make ends meet most months and although I could have gone back to work full-time, it just wasn’t an option for me with two young girls at home. Then one day, I thought of a way I could make money to support my family, and be around to see my girls grow up. Best of all, I could do it on my own terms, as my own boss, and from the comfort of my own home, plus I could help other women do the same.

12 months later and we’re moving into our dream home.
— Kira, businesswoman, wife and Mum-of-Two


After the birth of my daughter I knew I wanted to do mum-care instead of day-care. Returning to a job I had no passion for just to pay the bills was not how I wanted to do life. To be able to work from home around my family and create an income helping people with their health and lifestyle has been the most amazing thing I have ever done! I am now working on my dreams and future and showing other women how they can do the same!
— Leya, work@home businesswoman and Mum-of-1